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One of the most important English manufacturers of
corkscrews was Robert Jones of Cheapside,
Birmingham. First mentioned in a Birmingham directory
as a corkscrew maker in 1829 & subsequently
mentioned until 1905, the last record of the business.

Robert Jones business was recorded as Robert Jones
& Sons in a 1840 Birmingham directory, so corkscrews
marked "Robert Jones" can be reliably dated prior to

Robert Jones registered two corkscrew designs. The
first in 1840, registered design number 423, followed
by their second design on 7th October in 1842,
number 1913. Both very desirable to corkscrew
collectors, the later being particularly so.

One of the first things you'll notice about Robert Jones
corkscrew is the quality. There is no doubt that Robert
Jones considered quality of design a priority. Yes,
simple designs can be found but some beautifully
created designs can be too.

Robert Jones manufactured:

  • Folding bow corkscrews
  • A variety of metal Cellerman & finger pull
  • Simple T direct pulls
  • Direct pulls with cork gripping teeth
  • Henshall type corkscrews
  • Wolverson's Signit corkscrew design
  • Direct pull corkscrews with the addition of a foil
  • Thomason corkscrews, including a super design
    with fancy engraving on the barrel.
  • Jones I (registered design from 1840)
  • Jones II (registered design from 1842)
Robert Jones Corkscrews...
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A stunning Robert Jones corkscrew with cork
gripping teeth marked Robt Jones. Dates prior to
To the left is Robert Jones
first registered design
corkscrew, number 423 from
1840. The very first British
registered design for a
corkscrew. It's known in
corkscrew collecting circles
as a Jones one.

The two spikes engage the
cork before the worm is
inserted into the cork,
ensuring alignment. There is
no mechanical advantage.
This example is marked "Robert Jones & Sons, Birmingham, registered no 423, 8th Octr
1840". Examples can be found with different markings, some with the Cheapside
address, such as "Robert Jones & son makers 105 Cheapside  Birmingham registered
No 423 8th Octr 1840".
Robert Jones
corkscrews often
have a distinctive
handle, just like the
one on the Jones
one shown above.
This handle has
become known as a
Jones type handle.
Another example nicely marked for Robert Jones.
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To the left, the rare & very desirable
Robert Jones II corkscrew which was
registered in 1842 & to the right,
Robert Jones first corkscrew design,
registered in 1840.

It's quite remarkable just how many
variations of Robert Jones' second
registered design corkscrew can be
found. Not that there have been many
that has surfaced, but what is really
interesting is the difference between
the ones that have.

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