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Easer corkscrews are derived from a standard direct
pull or straight pull. They have a button, cork grips,
spikes or some other form of stopper above the
worm. After the worm has fully engaged the cork &
meets the stopper, a further twist of the handle
loosens the resistance of the cork to the bottle neck
& enables an easier extraction. Pulling power is still
required but in principle it should be much easier.

Easers are diverse & can be very beautiful. In many
cases they can be purchased relatively cheaply &
are an ideal starting point for new corkscrew
collectors to start their collections.
This is a beautiful Victorian direct pull. It has some
delicate beaded decoration on the shank. 100%
brute force in pulling power required on this beauty.
This corkscrew derives from the World's first patented corkscrew by Samuel
Henshall in 1795. Note the button directly above the worm or helix. By
continually turning the handle the cork then starts to turn within the bottle
therefore breaking the resistance.
Left: Another beautiful Henshall easer corkscrew. This variant has a bone handle
& stunning shank decoration.
Right: A Victorian easer corkscrew with claws - a
more direct way to give the cork a twist & ease it from the neck of the bottle.
Three wonderful antique easer corkscrews. Left: William Gambles 1886 registered design corkscrew.
The two levers give the cork a twist to release the seal.
Middle: A very stylish late 19th century easer
corkscrew with two claws that engage the cork.
Right: An American corkscrew with button. Haff's
American design of 1885.
"So many corkscrews!!
I like these Easers, I like
anything that's easy
Three more superb antique easer corkscrews. Left: William Dray's 1847 registered design corkscrew, a
corkscrew designed to enable a replaceable worm.
Middle: A beautiful antique easer corkscrew with
Right: Carlo Viarengo 1898 patent easer corkscrew with claws.