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There is plenty you can do in the corkscrew workshop.
Everything from cleaning away light surface rust to
replacing a dusting brush
. It's a matter of opinion what is
acceptable in terms of corkscrew restoration but basic
repairs that include replacing a broken worm & broken
handle with a period replacement seem to be

Bone handles from period direct pulls in good condition
can be used to bring a good more valuable antique
corkscrew with a broken handle back to life.

Simple period finger pull corkscrews with threaded
worms can be removed with a copious amount of WD40
or for those of you that prefer a bit more danger, a blow
torch will soon loosen up ceased up threads. Beware
grip marks!! Note, threads come in a variety of
diameters, so there is no guarantee the worm you have
in mind will fit. Tap & dies can help you overcome this

Removing some light rust & a general clean
A very sharp blade like a craft
knife or Stanley knife is ideal for
removing light rust & even lumpy
more stubborn pieces of rust.
Run the blade smoothly across
the rusty area with care not to
dig into to the surface

Very fine gauge wire wool is
particularly good at cleaning
very light surface rust & tarnish.
I generally add some bees wax
& clean both the steel & the
wooden handle this way.
Once applied, leave for 10
minutes or so & then buff up
with a duster.

A corkscrew with light wear can
be transformed into a beauty using this easy three
step technique.

Personally, I'm very thoughtful as to what I clean &
what I don't. I'm very conscious of avoiding ruining
the antique patina. Basic iron & steel bows, finger
pulls & direct pulls with steel shanks & worms are
generally the best choices for this process.
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Ever wondered what
on corkscrew handles
was used for?

A. For cleaning the dirt &
debris around the bottle
neck & cleaning the label
to see what the wine is.

Dusting brushes are
often lost. Watch the
video to find out how to
replace a lost one.

Easy as ABC.
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