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Corkscrews depicting some form of tangible
object are known as figurals. They are mostly quite
inexpensive & can be an ideal starting point for the
budding & enthusiast corkscrew collector. They
also make wonderful presents too as you can often
find a figural type that relates to an individual's life,
such as a breed of dog, cat, etc.

There are literally thousands of variations in both
form & design.

Here are some of the many figural type corkscrews
that you can find.
This cheeky looking Monkey dates to the first half
of the 20th century. It's marked RT London.
This Scotty dog corkscrew is part of a range of
22 British animal figural registered design
corkscrews from the 1930's
A Wade ceramic Seal corkscrew
from the 1960's. This example
probably has never pulled a cork &
still has the original box.

Wade Ceramics was founded in
1867 & they still survive today. They
are known for manufacturing a
number of figural ceramics known as
whimsies, so it's not surprising the
made a figural corkscrew.
Brass figural corkscrews mostly from the 1930's - 1950's. There are so many variations out there some
of which are recorded British registered designs. Some are double sided, others have a flat back. Here
is a small selection.
Maybe these two
figural corkscrews
show the diversity in
this category.

A Scandinavian silver
plated Viking ship.

An American Pig butt
with cap lifter &
These comical looking wooden people are mostly from the 1960's

Two figural
corkscrews for

A Witch who flew over
on her broom from
Israel & a red Devil
who is American.
These quirky looking American characters were made by the Syracuse Ornamental Company, also
known as Syro
co in the 1940's & 50's. They are made of a composition material. The heads come off
to reveal a corkscrew.
Beyond the various figural corkscrews shown here there are literally hundreds more.