Corkscrew Collecting

Very happy to buy your antique corkscrew or if you
have a few, your collection of antique or vintage cork

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Send a picture or two to:
C. F. T. B - Club Français du Tire-Bouchon

The French Club has a 70 Euro annual membership fee. Members receive a newsletter four times a year called L’
Extracteur. The Club meet annually & I've been informed that the meetings are lively affairs where people certainly
enjoy themselves! They have a
website (In French) where you can get in contact.
Corkscrew Collecting
The Canadian Corkscrew
Collectors Club

Born from a small group of Canadian corkscrew
collectors in 1981, the CCCC has become the
largest International corkscrew collecting club out
there, with members representing approximately 30
Countries from around the World. For annual dues
of $48.00 you'll receive four issues of the Club's
newsletter "The Quarterly Worme" & you'll be entitled
to sign up for the annual meeting which can be
anywhere in the World. The meetings normally offer
a buy & sell session & auction, along with other
activities such as sightseeing, etc. Fancy joining?
Send $48.00 via Paypal to or
for more information contact Milt Becker also at

International Correspondence of
Corkscrew Addicts

Is an exclusive International corkscrew collecting club
established in 1974. The ICCA has a membership
fixed at fifty. Research is highly regarded as
membership eligibility as the ICCA has as one of its
goals - finding corkscrew related information. The
chair of the ICCA is known as "The Right". Deep
pockets are helpful at the ICCA as the annual
meeting can be anywhere around the World and is
somewhat of an expensive affair. As a member you
must attend at least one annual meeting every three
years. Membership dues are fixed at $150 a year.
This entitles you to the ICCA newsletter. If you'd like
to join the ICCA, send your application with details of
your collection, size, number of years collecting,
special interests, together with some photographs of
what you would consider to be your six best
corkscrews to the current Right,  Maurice Dancer at
Sharing your interest with other like minded people
is great & there are plenty of corkscrew collectors
clubs out there to help you do just that. You'll soon
realise that you're not alone & that corkscrew
collectors are just normal ladies & gents from all
levels of society & very friendly.

Here are some of the corkscrew collecting clubs out
there, with some useful contact details. Updated
March 2011.
ABCDE - Association of British
Corkscrew Devotees and Enthusiasts

The ABCDE is the British club. Membership is free. In recent
times meetings have been a couple of times a year & hosted by
one of the members. Bring a bottle is the meeting rule. On
occasions some gather the night before for a meal & a drink or
Richard Stevenson (pictured) sends an email circular of meetings, events, auctions or
anything with a corkscrew theme. If you'd like your name added to Richard's circulars,
drop him a line at
It will be great to hear from you!
It's all about Antique & Vintage Corkscrews

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