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In 1870 Hiram Codd invented the Codd Bottle. His
bottle was sealed by a glass marble, held in
position by the pressure of the gas in the liquid.

To release the marble a Codd bottle opener was
required. Thousands of simple variation like the
one shown below were manufactured, many with
advertising. Today collectors eagerly hunt for
different variants.
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Combination Codd bottle openers soon arrived &
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Matt Perkin patented a Codd bottle opener with
corkscrew in 1884 with a spout designed for
pouring. Known as a "Coney's Patent", it was
clearly successful as many have surfaced over the
years in a variety of sizes. Further variations of a
spout designed Codd bottle opener with a
corkscrew were manufactured over the years.

Later registered designs surfaced with a cap lifter
hook fixed to the shaft & a rarer registered design
incorporated a knife at the opposite end of the

Below you'll see a wonderful selection of Codd
bottle opener corkscrews together with a Codd
bottle. The variations are incredible & there's no
doubt they look great as a collection.
Simple form Codd bottle opener corkscrews can be
found fairly cheaply at antique fairs & on excellent
websites such as
Corkscrew Central.

Codd bottle opener corkscrews with a pouring spout
like the example to the
left are highly sought after by
eager collectors. The example shown has a fairly
fragile handle design & often surfaces in poor
condition. Excellent examples demand higher prices, as
they say, condition is king!

Of course, Codd bottles are very collectible too. Ebay
is a great site to find interesting variations for your