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Henshall corkscrews all originate from the World's
Named after the inventor - The Reverend Samuel
Henshall, a vicar from Oxfordshire, England.

Samuel Henshall sent a letter to Birmingham
Industrialist & entrepreneur Mathew Boulton to ask
him to help him manufacture a corkscrew of simple
form but with a revolutionary button added below the
shank & above the worm to enable a smooth
extraction of the cork. It sparked Boulton's interest &
he agreed for the Reverend to visit his Soho
Manufactory to spend time with his workforce to
make the design a reality.

Over the coming months the patent was produced, in
two forms, one being larger for quart sized bottles.
Each example was stamped on the button
Obstado Promoves meaning - By standing firm one
makes advancement & Soho Patent relating to
Mathew Boulton's Soho Manufactory.
Above: The two original Henshall corkscrews in all
their glory.

Henshall also patented a compound version of there
were problems manufacturing these corkscrews.
However at least one example has been found, in
very good condition to boot. I'm forever hopeful that
one day I'll find one, maybe you will too.
The Henshall design has been copied successfully for the subsequent 200 years.
Examples surface with makers names around the button similar to Henshall's
original patent.

Other examples have been found with a variety of handles such as bone, ivory & a
variety of woods. Fancy shanks, petalled buttons. The addition of folding blades or
hidden spikes are also within collections of corkscrew collectors.

As with all corkscrews collected - condition is king. Many turn up in poor condition
with short worms & handles badly broken. A discerning collector takes time to find
examples that haven't had a troubled life.
A stunning collection of Henshall corkscrews which date from the early 19th century onwards.