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Champagne taps have been around since the
early 19th century with the first patent issued in
France in 1828. Also known as Soda taps, they
are designed to penetrate the cork without
actually opening it, drawing off some liquid by
opening the valve & then by closing the valve the
bubbles of the gaseous liquid are preserved.
This is an English Milne champagne tap with
drop points. The idea was to insert the drop
point within the bottom of the tap. Once the tap
had completely inserted the cork, the spike
would fall to the bottom of the bottle & the liquid
could be drawn.

When the drink had gone the spike would be
fished out but many were lost, after all...once
you've drunk a bottle of champagne chances are
you'll forget to collect it.
A fine example of a champagne tap in the original leather case. This tap was
manufactured by Maw & sons of London & boasts the Prince of Wales feathers
as the tap handles.
Here are two different champagne taps. The first, a one piece design with an
archimedian worm. The second is a two piece design with a detachable trocar.
Once the cork is penetrated the trocar is removed & the valve is open & closed
depending on when a tipple is required.

Here are two wonderful late
19th century to the early 20th
century British champagne
taps that both incorporate a
pouring spout. By threading
the worm into the cork, turning
the small side handle opens &
closes the valve to allow the
liquid to be poured from the

They both originate from a
British registered design by
Edwin Wolverson from 1877.
As with all the categories here at Corkscrew Collecting this page just shows a few of the many
Champagne tap designs that are out there but I hope it gives you a flavour of the design & also sparks
your interest.
"Who knew you could
open a bottle to
quench your thirst with
one of these taps."