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Bar corkscrews, otherwise referred to as Barscrews
were invented in the 19th century. Often quite
elaborate in design & big & bulky in size. Designed
to pull multiple corks quickly & efficiently.
Invented by Gilchrist & Pick in 1897. Gaskell &
Chambers manufactured  this "Original Safety" Bar
Corkscrew. Made from cast iron, ornately decorated
& designed to be mounted on a work top or bar to
easily & quickly extract corks with a speed worm.
This brass example is super stylish
& actually pretty much the jewel in
the crown of Barscrews. It's an
Rotary Eclipse. As with the Original
Safety it has a speed worm.
Continually turning the handle
brings the speed worm up & down
to engage the cork & then extract it
from the bottle. Examples of this
corkscrew have previously sold for
in excess of £1500 but in todays
market you can pick them up for
just a few hundred.
Above: Two pages taken from the Gaskell & Chambers trade catalogue showing different Bar corkscrews
they manufactured with the various components they are made from.