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From Georgian times all small bottles of liquids,
include scent, medicine, inks & poison were corked.
For extraction smaller more delicate corkscrews
were required. These could be as simple as a cheap
wire corkscrew but as with anything, should there be
a requirement for a product, innovation & design
creativity comes to the fore.

Perfume corkscrews have a overlap with other
corkscrew categories such as pocket corkscrews, or
beyond that easers or even mechanical. In truth they
probably should be categorised as miniature
corkscrews, as pulling a wine bottle cork, although,
not impossible, would be quite the challenge & no
doubt broken corks or corkscrews.

Here are some of the many variants of perfume type
corkscrew, designed to open small corked bottles.
There is no doubt in their beauty of  design.
Above: A stunning Dutch silver pocket corkscrew,
beautifully crafted from silver & mother of pearl. It
dates to the late 18th century. This corkscrew was
probably once within a fancy vanity set of
considerable value.
Left: Is a late 19th century American
miniature corkscrew, designed to open
small corked bottles. Knows as a
Clough medicine band. It was
manufactured by William Rockwell
Clough a prolific American
manufacturer of corkscrew. There are
many variation of this specific
corkscrew in terms of the advertising.
This grouping above are more typically known as perfume corkscrew. The pretty design makes a
clearer statement to justify the term. These corkscrews were clearly mass produced as so many have
been found over the years by eager collectors. There's no doubt that they make a beautiful mini
collection of corkscrews in their own right. Handles manufactured from Mother of Pearl, bone, ivory,
silver, gold & tortoiseshell can all be found & the carving to the handles can be quite diverse & very
beautiful. Victorian vanity sets would nearly always contain a corkscrew of this type.
Left: These stunning miniature
folding bow corkscrews which are
also shown in the Pocket corkscrew  
category are all designed to open
small bottles of liquid, so they can
rightly be categorised here too as
part of the perfume section.

You can imagine one of these
beautiful folding bow corkscrews
placed on a ladies dresser or
hanging down from a housekeepers
Chatelaine (note the hanging rings
on some), ready to fold out & extract
a cork.

Left: A wonderful miniature easer corkscrew
measuring just under 2" & made with a beautiful
turned bone handle. Designed to open small
corked bottles such as perfume, ink & medicine.

Right: A wonderful miniature spring assisted
mechanical corkscrew that measures
approximately 2". Once again this corkscrew
was designed to open small corked bottles of
liquid such as perfume, ink, medicine & poison..