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Virtual Corkscrew Museum

Don Bull's site is a must hit. Packed full of information & he even
has his entire collection available for sale. Go on buy it from him.

Corkscrew Net

Another good resource for the budding corkscrew enthusiast.
Plenty of good information here

Vintage Corkscrews

Josef L'Africain has a great site, packed full of information. He
has a particular liking for Syroco & Frary corkscrews, be sure to
let him know if you have any to trade or for him to buy. Tell him
"Peter says Hi".
Tire Bouchon

Jean-Louis Desor has a beautiful French website. It's crammed
full of corkscrew information. Be sure to visit today!

Collectors Weekly - Corkscrews

A good resource for corkscrew information. You can leave
requests, Blog or write your own articles on this site.

Collection Privee Tire-Bouchons

Jean Pierre Mascaron's site is in both French & English. It's a
private collectors guide to collecting. Well worth while a visit.
Corkscrew Central Corkscrews for Sale
Corkscrew collector's Blog
A tongue in cheek Blog
dedicated to corkscrew
collecting by Peter Borrett
Corkscrews Online

One of the largest & most informative corkscrew websites on the planet. You'll enhance your knowledge
about the twisted hobby for sure. Well worth a visit

Corkscrew Central

The largest Worldwide online catalogue of antique & vintage corkscrews for sale. A must visit!

Andre's Tavern

American corkscrew dealer Andre Burgos always has a good selection of corkscrews for sale. Be sure
to visit!
It will be great to hear from you!
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