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Pocket corkscrews surfaced in the 18th century.
Designed to be kept in the pocket with the
corkscrew protected to ensure it was safe to carry.

There are literally hundreds of variation of pocket
corkscrew, including folding bows, picnics & fine
vanity corkscrews made from precious metals that
often were part of a vanity set.

Collectors search far & wide for unusual examples
to enhance their corkscrew collections.

Let's start with the wonderful folding bow
These stunning miniature folding bow corkscrews
date from the late 18th century onwards. Mostly
made from steel. They were designed to open
small corked bottles. In Georgian & early Victorian
times, all bottles were corked, so miniature
examples like these were required.
This larger 19th
century multi
tool folding bow
has a number of
tools including a  
corkscrew, hoof
pick, leather
punch, button
hook  & more.
These two corkscrews are known
as roundlets. They are born from
an 18th century variant known as
a Brummel.

The corkscrew folds away within
the capsule when not in use.
Ingenious! This form first surfaced
as a registered British design in
These wonderful 18th
century double folding
corkscrews with pipe
tamper ends are quite
rare. Different sizes &
variations can be found
with a few surfacing with
the makers stamp.

turn up in poor condition
with loose hinges & short
worms. Good examples
demand a premium price!
You'll find a section on this website for
folding ladies legs corkscrews but there are
many other celluloid folding corkscrews out
there too. Including these wonderful folding
horse legs. They are shown with two metal
examples, a loving couple & a champagne

Like all corkscrew collecting, condition is
virtually important. These celluloid folding
corkscrews can often be found with splits,
cracks & missing pieces. Look for perfect
A stunning selection of 18th century
silver pocket corkscrews. These wonderful
corkscrews were designed to open
corked bottles of perfume, ink, medicine
& more, which all was once corked.

Many of these examples likely were first
sold in a vanity set.

They are mostly Dutch with a few English
These Georgian pocket corkscrews are
superb. They truly give a flavour of the
brass  & ivory.

Look out for interesting variants in good
condition. A makers mark demands a
premium price.

I hope you've enjoyed this section on
pocket corkscrews. If you have an
interesting example for sale feel free to
drop me a line.

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